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sustainable development

Education for Sustainable Development is our key focus in 2022. From supporting institutions on how to mainstream ESD across curricula, to training sustainability leads and supporting educators to engage with learners on sustainability topics. We also create courses and content for a wide range of sector-specific sustainability qualifications and awards.

Programme design

We can help to transform existing courses or curricula to meet the needs of a new generation of learners, or design of new learning programmes from the ground up. We can help to transfer content from the traditional classroom to the online or blended model, from private and third sectors to higher and further education. 

Teacher training

In further and higher education, we are vying for the attention of a generation who have grown up being able to access information at the touch of a button. By combining pedagogy and neuroscience, we offer practical solutions to educators to offer a more enriching and engaging learning experience, online, offline or blended.  our training is bespoke, and tailored 

Content creation

We create engaging lessons and course content for specialised projects with which our values and mission align.  Our team can also create content for your social media channels in the form of well-researched, search engine-optimised and thought-provoking articles on education to help drive engagement and position your institution at the heart of conversations that matter. 

There is nothing more important than education. It is the key to a fairer, more equitable and sustainable future. Education is a driver of social change; a stepping stone towards self actualization for people of all backgrounds. Progress means acknowledging what is not working, putting innovation and values at the heart of what we do, and being bold in making real, substantive change for the better. We owe the next generations absolutely nothing less than the very best we can do.

Mark Thomson – DIRECTOR

A natural born educator; Mark not only uses his expertise to inspire young leaders from across the globe but also in nurturing their  professional development. Strongly recommended. 

Julia Kinash

President, Youth Time International Movement, Prague.

Mark was assigned to revamp the academic and organisational quality of our Business School, and the overall learning experience for the students. There is clearly a before and after. 

Willem Van Rossem

Customer Engagement Expert, ESEI Business School, Barcelona.

As a creative and energetic expert in  education, Mark has constantly impressed me with his energy, and enthusiasm, in creating the best teaching programs and use of technology. 

Matthew Cruickshank

Academic Director of Language Faculty, ESADE, Barcelona.

Bringing life to education 

Is not just a catchy tagline. We passionately believe in a closer connection between experience and learning; helping people to grow through reflection, engagement and content with socially relevant substance, such as the Social Leadership Programme we designed for ESEI Business School in Barcelona. Have a look at the video to see what it’s all about. 

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